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Koriin (OC) - Unfaithful by JinxiBear Koriin (OC) - Unfaithful by JinxiBear
YAOI - PSYCHOTIC UKE!!! Koriin is a full blooded vampire with a god complex. He believes he is God but in reality Koriin is criminally insane casting judgement on anyone who won't repent to "their" God (aka him) or just because he wants amusement. Is a snobby spoiled yet highly clever aristocrat. Though it's not far fetched as to why... Everyone, even his father was afraid of him (but later was killed by Koriin because he told his son no). Just when you think you have him cornered he has another card up his sleeve; walking away with no sweat off his brow... Little half-brother to Testament, Yugo's lover/son (who is a wolf/vampire hybrid) Since he was an "unborn" vampire and premature at that (from biting and clawing his mother from the inside out) he is faced with slow immortal growth. He's only 10 years younger than testament (who's as old as the old victorian days) but because his body barely grows at an unnatural pace he looks only 15. By age 10 he conquered and ceased control of the greek Gods and Goddesses among others (besides those Gods that walk among the breathing). Many other's, by fear are slowly starting to acknowledge him as a God... but those are from those who've lost hope or just are morbidly sick in the mind as well. Rumors are spreading and no one knows what to believe or think of him other than being out of his mind. Testament is the only one that seems to love him unconditionally (thus he tells him no most of them time and keeps his distance til his little brother runs out of tricks and on the verge of getting hurt.) loves causing and complicating problems. Is a control freak but seems to not have or at least show any weaknesses. Never showed any feeling behind his emotions.

Just recently from the time this picture was posted, he found someone who is slowly dominating this feisty uke named samuel (though Koriin has given him the pet name, Sam which is unlike him). Samuel (who is a dark elf/vampire and just as insane) wants him and he is determined to have him by any cost. Things are starting to get really steamy yet confusing for this stubborn uke. Supposedly in a [new] relationship with him but always yells at him to stop touching him and refuses to tell him he loves him though it's pretty obvious to those who really know Koriin. Koriin finds himself having withdraws (with symptoms of actually coming off a real drug) if Samuel is away from him for long. Randomly shows Samuel his vulnerable side and becomes clingy, shy and tends to get annoyed at himself when he does. The thought of needing someone else who he thinks is so lowly compared to himself let alone leaning on them for anything and not having full control makes him angry at himself so he's always huffing and puffing. Can't seem to make up his mind about these feelings (that are new to him) or Sam.
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lovly work
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your welcome :)
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